Allen and Williams Pottery

About Us

Penny Allen and Jim Williams have been ceramists since 1970.  After
 receiving undergraduate degrees from Stanford University and the University
 of Redlands, respectively, they met in graduate school at the School of the
Art Institute of Chicago in 1973.  After a year-long trip around the world,
which included apprenticeship at a pottery studio in Germany, they returned to the
Art Institute where Penny received a masters degree in ceramics and scuplture.

Penny and Jim moved to California in 1978 and have operated a full
 time pottery studio since that time.  Each ceramic piece is individually made
 from wheel-thrown, slab-rolled, and hand modeled parts by the artists--a
collaborative husband/wife team.  The surface of each form is composed of
 layered glazes and brushed oxides.  Penny and Jim strive to honor both the
 artwork of the craft and the public who buys it.  They are constantly working
toward that delicate balance of form, texture and color which creates beautiful
and functional artwork.

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